Parrot Bebop Drone Review

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Parrot Bebop Drone, a lightweight quadcopter that is ABS-enforced, is available in a variety of colors. With its GPS system, it can fly indoors or out of doors. For clear shots, it also has a HD camera with 720p resolution. The device can be controlled via an App, and features a Styrofoam structure for stability. Its GPS system and Return Home function make it easy to return back to your original take-off location. You can fly indoors with its EPP hull.

App-controlled quadcopter

The Parrot AR drone is an app-controlled quadcopter with four plastic gimbals. You can control it via the app on your smartphone or tablet. It has a 720p resolution camera and streams images at 30 frames a second. The drone can also be flown outdoors or indoors. It even has GPS. The drone has two cameras, one facing forward, the other facing the ground. You can switch between the forward-facing and ground views by pressing a button on your drone's controller.

HD camera 720p

The new Parrot AR. Version 2.0 of the Parrot AR comes with a HD camera at 720p and an indoor hull which is more durable. The front camera streams images at 30 frames/second, making it the most advanced camera of its kind. It has many advantages over its predecessors in terms of quality. Here are just a few. The drone includes a 720p HD camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has a powerful 1000mAh lithium battery. To help you get the drone up and running, a video tutorial is provided.

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Styrofoam body

Parrot AR Drone can be used for many different purposes. The HD camera and wide-angle lens allow for aerial photography and video. This drone is also a great way to get started in the field of drone flying. Its one-square-foot body and orange color scheme make it a great choice for amateurs. Here are the pros and cons of buying this drone.

Wi-Fi control

The WiFi control system for Parrot AR Drone enables you to fly your quadcopter almost anywhere. The range of the device is up to 165ft. The battery lasts for about 12 minutes and recharges within an hour and a half. The battery lasts about the same time as a remote control device. You can triple that life by purchasing AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition. Wi-Fi connection allows you to watch the video feed from the camera in real-time. You can also view the video via your smartphone.

Battery life

The battery is the most critical component of any drone. Your drone's battery life is what determines how long it can fly. Therefore, it is crucial to maximize the time it can fly before running out. Here are some simple tips that will increase your battery life. These tips and tricks can be used to prolong your drone's life. Keep reading. These tips will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted aerial photography and maximize your battery's life.

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